by Steve Elmore




Mark Jennison-17 years old, Mark is a senior at Southside High. He is a quiet, shy young man who enjoys drawing and hopes to do so professionally when he gets out of school. He is in love with Janine Haskell, although she doesn't know he exists. He works at Paco's Pizza as a delivery person.
Mark II-The robot in which Mark comes to inhabit, thanks to his younger brother Deacon and an amazing invention of his Uncle Ray. The robot was created by Mia, and programmed to accommodate Mark's intellect by Ray and Deek. Deek also helped a bit with the robot's physical design; particularly the Turbo Mode, in which the robot sprouts wheels and can travel up to 40 mph.
Mia Gutierrez-Mark's neighbor, the daughter of Mark's boss. Mia is 17 years old, but does not attend school. She was home-schooled and completed her courses several months before the comic begins. She is a metal sculptor with an interest in robotics. It was Mia who created the Mark II robot. She is a fiery young tomboy who harbors a secret love for Mark. Unfortunately, the only way she knows to express her feelings for him is by tormenting him endlessly.
Janine Haskell-17 years old and a senior at Southside High. She is the head cheerleader and most popular girl at school. She is the daughter of Martin Haskell, a highly successful lawyer. While she appears to be a sweet, loving young woman, those closest to her know her for a shrewd, conniving, evil person, bent on personal gain. She is currently dating Wyatt, the quarterback for the high school football team, her male counterpart of the popular clique at Southside.
Wyatt Wilson-18 years old and captain of the Southside Spartans football team. Wyatt is a bully, and rich; his family recently come into a large sum of money thanks to a lawsuit against a national department store chain. He is currently dating Janine Haskell, and his favorite past-time is torturing Mark.
Ray Takeda-Mark and Deek's uncle, brother of the boy's father. Ray is a geek; computers and inventions are his life and love. For a time, he worked for the government and many of the more intricate toys and programs used by the Department of Defense, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other less-known agencies were of his design. He is secretly in love with Nancy, and has been from the first time he saw her. Unfortunately, the first time he saw her was at her wedding to his brother Michael. Ray invented the Synaptic Transfer Protocol device, the machine which placed Mark's intelligence inside the Mark II robot. Nancy and the boys live with him, having moved in shortly after his brother deserted them.
Nancy Jennison-Mark and Deek's mother. Nancy is a single mother, her husband Michael having deserted her and their children shortly after Deek's birth. She is a caseworker with Child Protective Services. She is a hard worker and loving mother, strong-willed and soft-spoken (until she gets angry.)
Deacon "Deek" Jennison-14 year old younger brother of Mark. Deek is a precocious young man, highly intelligent and a skilled hacker. He and a few of his friends are responsible for most of the extra programming on the Mark II robot.

Penny and Perry Krieg "The Creep Twins"-The only thing keeping the Kriegs from being identical twins is the gender difference.  Beyond that, they are like clones.  They are both hyper-intelligent and widely feared hackers. They seem to share a psychic bond, each knowing what the other is thinking, even when not within each other's sight.  They have their own language, as identical twins tend to do.  Penny studies the mystical far more than Perry, who is more interested in science fiction.  Penny is in love with Deek, but it is unknown if Perry has any romantic interests as he tends towards an emotionless Vulcan lifestyle.  Other than her affections for Deek, Penny shows little emotion herself.  Their parents are perfectly normal; father is a computer programmer and lead tech for an edu-tainment software company, while mother is a housewife whose domestic skills puts Martha Stewart to shame.
Scott Allen-Son of the highschool physical science teacher and friend of Deek's.  Scott is one of the few black students at Southside Junior High, but fortunately the student body is mature enough not to discriminate.  Scott is an easy-going young man, fairly bright but only a mediocre student.  His interests are in sports, computer games, and tabletop RPGs.  He has an on/off romantic relationship with Stina.
Christina "Stina" Vasilyev-Stina is the child of 3rd generation Russian immigrants and friend of Deek's.  She speaks fluent Russian, as taught by her grandmother, and is known to cuss people out in Russian to avoid getting in trouble.  Stina is, for lack of a better term, nuts.  She has purple hair and various piercings.  She wants tattoos, but her parents will not allow it while she lives under their roof.  She enjoys punk rock and any other loud music.  She is an excellent drummer and is in the marching band.  It is widely believed that she and Scott are dating, but they break up and make up so often that it's nearly impossible to keep track, even for them.


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